Spending vs saving


OR The impact of the grey economy on retail business/business growth/banking and a countries long-term economic growth The grey economy of Romania has been a long-term issue to date, it is the topic everyone talks about, but no one actually wants to address. The cash economy of a country has deep and long term negative...
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Promoting a country creates positive investment and stimulates a national identity


We live in an age where we talk about globalization, the use of technology and social media as everyday tools of survival, however good old fashion sentiment through positive marketing is a dying art and is often overlooked, especially when you talk about the impact on an entire economy. Romania is a unique country from...
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Housing market can save a failing economy


The idea that one market sector can re-stimulate an entire economy might be seen as insane by many, however history can prove otherwise. Although the final result of the housing boom in the USA may not be the best example due to the banking sector selling off questionable mortgages, the housing boom itself was a...
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