About Vast Resources, at Core Finance London

Core London is an online video production agency based in UK that focuses on financial and political issues. Last week I was invited by Matt Brown to present the excellent results of Vast Resources in Romania and to discuss the company’s short-term plans. Therefore, from the video below you can learn more about the company’s...
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New Year, New Government, New Hopes


January is almost over and our new Government has spent these first few weeks being rather proactive. There have been some new policies implemented, discussed and debated already, but from a foreign investor perspective, we wait in hope to see the results filter through to business stimulation. Politics in Romania, as I have said before,...
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Election time again!


We are less than one week away from elections and it seems that things are very quiet compared to previous leadups to an election. Could the reason for this be that we can already predict the result and the opposition has already given up, or is it that like the decision makers of recent history,...
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The Brain Drain of the Nation and the long term impact on the economy


Leading up to election time, I will focus a little on issues that have long term impact on the country. Moreover, I will also focus on social issues that should be brought forward for debate by the parties and that are rarely spoken about or not considered by mainstream politics. One of the greatest resources...
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A stable system attracts stable business. An unstable system breeds failed projects.


There’s nothing more appealing to foreign investors than a market with rich resources and low costs, like Romania. However, there’s nothing more repelling to them than an unstable political climate, where the key decision makers are replaced faster than any project can be finished. The current political climate of Romania is severely impacting on the...
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Every 1 mining job creates 10 more


In this article I want to approach the mining sector impact on mono-industrial regions of Romania and how it can benefit the country as a whole Romania’s rich and long history of mining dates back to Roman times and had lasted close to 2000 years until mine closures in 2006 commenced as part of the...
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Financial education of the youth


As a nation we don’t understand the cost of money, the benefit of moderate borrowing and long term personal wealth creation. While explaining the content of my last article regarding the impact of the Grey Economy to some highly educated people, I noticed that this topic I planned on writing about became very relevant. Romania...
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Spending vs saving


OR The impact of the grey economy on retail business/business growth/banking and a countries long-term economic growth The grey economy of Romania has been a long-term issue to date, it is the topic everyone talks about, but no one actually wants to address. The cash economy of a country has deep and long term negative...
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Promoting a country creates positive investment and stimulates a national identity


We live in an age where we talk about globalization, the use of technology and social media as everyday tools of survival, however good old fashion sentiment through positive marketing is a dying art and is often overlooked, especially when you talk about the impact on an entire economy. Romania is a unique country from...
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Housing market can save a failing economy


The idea that one market sector can re-stimulate an entire economy might be seen as insane by many, however history can prove otherwise. Although the final result of the housing boom in the USA may not be the best example due to the banking sector selling off questionable mortgages, the housing boom itself was a...
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