Andrew Prelea

Andrew Prelea is a Romanian/Australian businessman with over 25 years of business expertise in various industries. After all this time he has seen some amazing changes, not only in the landscape of Romania, but in the way people do business, the mentality of the business community and of course the evolution of the country as a whole. At the same time, the business experience he gained in other countries (such as Australia and the UK), helps him objectively analyze the pros and cons of business cultures he has encountered and discover successful business mixes and tactics. To understand the background of Romanian business and culture, you have to live it, breathe it and take time to understand it. In 25 years, Andrew Prelea has managed to figure out Romanian business mentality and now his job is to be a bridge builder, which translates into interpreting the Romanian mentality and converting it into the Anglo-Saxon one. Basically, his job is to sketch a “Romlish” business culture.